Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2 weeks done...

Watching a video about academic vocabulary while packing lunch. 
Six to go. Taking two master's classes in addition to teaching fills my schedule.

Yesterday I

  • skimmed an article on world views
  • wrote two discussion board posts
  • had a Skype conference with my professor for half an hour
  • washed a load of towels
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • washed the dishes
  • swept the kitchen floor
  • made hummus
  • stopped at my parents' house to print two papers
  • typed up lesson plans for the next day
  • taught four hours of classes
  • held individual conferences with ten students to discuss their midterm grades
  • interviewed a student about her educational background and literacy experiences
  • read and sent emails
  • stopped at Walmart on the way home for tissues, contact solution, rat poison, and other boring items
  • soaked my feet and went to bed


  1. yup....that's a full day all right....keep up the good work.

  2. whew.
    I was floor nurse from 6-10
    Took a nap to try to ward of gallbladder pain
    Finished Sociology homework
    Took online Sociology quiz
    Made a "help me" phone call to Naomi
    Attended Government class
    Attended Sociology class
    Tried to eat dinner
    Went to financial class in the evening
    and did not even get my uniforms ironed (thanks Mom)
    I thought my day was busy, but now I don't really think so

  3. What kills me about y'all's family is that somehow, you always make it look easy. Maybe it's because no matter how long your list was that day, you Cooks always dropped what you were doing to sit and visit with me whenever we came by.:-) ~ Betsy

    1. It also helps when you have multiple people--that way even if one person can't drop what he/she's doing, someone else probably can.

      I'm way busier now than I am comfortable with.