Friday, January 16, 2015

Smooth start

The first stack of essays for the semester
The start of this semester has been unbelievably smooth. When I walked into my 8:30 class on Monday morning I had

  • a schedule (that hadn't changed since I had gotten the official copy the previous Thursday)
  • books
  • classrooms with lab assignments 
  • syllabus and schedule and rubric
  • electronic learning site with grading set up
  • Turnitin account set up
  • up-to-date class rosters
By Tuesday I had signed my contract.

When I left campus on Thursday afternoon, support service preparations were nearly complete (I had submitted a request to update the electronic data tracking system for the tutoring room and lab, which wasn't fulfilled by the time I left). But, I had completed
  • tutoring schedule
  • tutoring flier
  • tutoring sign up sheet
  • tutoring recommendation form
  • open lab schedule
  • open lab flier
  • workshop schedule (including room reservations)
  • workshop flier
  • classroom visit schedule for the upcoming Tuesday

As I said, it's unbelievable.

I'm so excited about my schedule. I'm teaching two sections of writing and I don't have evening classes!


  1. I'm assuming this is your teaching schedule? I'm sure you'll definitely enjoy teaching the writing classes! How are your master's classes (as a student) coming along?

    ~ Betsy

    1. I have a break from my MA classes until April. Then between April and October I take 4 classes, and I am finished (Lord, willing)!!!