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I put enough curry paste in this Thai inspired dish that it was too spicy for three of the six hungry participants last Wednesday evening. 

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Finally, some snow

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Paper blooms


Some of Naomi's latest creations. 

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Point aux Barques Lighthouse


We took a whole crew to Point aux Barques last week. After traipsing around the lighthouse park, we made our way to the Big Boy in Bad Axe and then followed up with a visit to Country View Bulk Food store, which has been described as Mennonite Costco. 

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Raspberry Mousse

 I made raspberry mousse for Christmas Eve. 

According to the recipe, it's easy and only takes 10 minutes prep and 5 minutes of cooking for a total of 1 hour and fifteen minutes. 

The recipe fails to mention that it will take half a dishwasher load of dishes and two small appliances. Nevertheless, for a special occasion, it is worth the effort (though it did take me considerably longer than the recipe claimed).  

I started by cooking the frozen raspberries, sugar and water.

  • sauce pan
  • wooden spoon
  • measuring cups
Then I blended the raspberries until they were smooth and removed the seeds.
  • blender
  • sieve
  • large bowl

Meanwhile I softened the gelatin.
  • cereal bowl
  • teaspoon

I combine the raspberry mixture with the gelatin and cooked it.
  • wisk
  • the same saucepan (rinsed to remove any lingering seeds)

Once the raspberry gelatin mixture was cooled, I whipped the cream.
  • stand mixer with bowl and beater
  • measuring cup

I gently folded the raspberry gelatin mixture in the whipped cream.
  • the same large bowl (rinsed)
  • spatula

The raspberry mousse is ready!
  • individual serving bowls
  • spoon

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