Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canning tomatoes

Washing tomatoes

One of Mom's plans for the week was to have her girls help her can tomatoes. Monday morning Julie and I picked blueberries, but in the afternoon all of us girls canned tomatoes. Even Lauren arrived in time to peel tomatoes. Mom spent the afternoon selling blueberries and sweet corn at the market with Logan, while we girls put up fifty-four quarts and four pints of stewed tomatoes.

Sterilizing jars

Blanching tomatoes

Cooling tomatoes

Peeling tomatoes

...and peeling

...and peeling

...and peeling

Fastening lids

Jars of tomatoes waiting to be processed in the pressure canner


  1. wow...if that was Monday I'm wondering what the rest of the week holds...

  2. I'm quite pleased to confirm that I wasn't there.

  3. Many hands make...lots of jars of tomatoes! Can only imagine how wonderful they will taste in mid-winter.