Thursday, May 5, 2011


Betsy's graduation from Physical Therapy was only temporary. She resumed therapy this week--this time for her shoulder. According to our family doctor, Betsy has a "winged" shoulder blade. Also, when her ribs healed they did not line up correctly with her vertebrae. She is undergoing therapy to strengthen her shoulder muscles.

Aaron hasn't regressed to PT, but has shoulder pain of his own. Visits with local doctors, a CT scan and two MRI's, revealed a tumor in his upper arm bone (which was unrelated to his pain). A specialist in Detroit nearly guaranteed that the tumor is benign. However, it will probably require surgery. The tumor in Aaron's arm doesn't explain the pain that he often experiences, though.

As Betsy's doctor told her, some of our family has souvenirs from the accident. 


  1. What is a "winged" shoulder blade?

    ~ Betsy

  2. the shoulder blade "wings" (especially when it moves) giving it a protruding wing appearance instead of the nice smooth glide shoulder blades are supposed to have

    it normally happens to football players who get smashed into each other

  3. grace upon you guys.

    love you!

    missing our summery blueberry moments.


  4. We continue to pray for Betsy, Aaron, and the rest of the family as you deal with ongoing physical and emotional "souvenirs".

  5. Yeah...a souvenir that I would gladly rid him of if I could!