Tuesday, September 6, 2011


"What nationality are you?" a customer at the blueberry farm asked me on Saturday.

I blinked. "Uh, American," I replied. 

I had spent the week with international students, but didn't think that affected my appearance or speech. In class on Tuesday, one of my students confused "Are you an American?" with "Are you in America?" I quickly clarified that though he is in America he is still Chinese. 

The customer persisted. "No, I mean what nationality like religion?"

"Oh." I chose the simple answer, avoiding denominational complications, and replied, "Mennonite."

The customer launched into a monologue about a Mennonite restaurant that baked the best bread. I nodded politely. His question caught me off guard. I am asked a lot of different questions, but that was the first inquiry about my nationality.


  1. I never knew that religion was its own nationality... I guess since Christians are citizens of the kingdom of Heaven, you could make a case for it?

  2. Interesting. My nationality is Baptist.:-)

    ~ Betsy