Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Lord directs our steps, even when Mapquest doesn't.

Julie, Betsy and I drove to Canada last weekend to attend our friend Layne's wedding. 

My directional style differs from that of my sisters. I sometimes like adventures that other people define as "lost." My sisters prefer I confine my adventures to Michigan when they're not riding with me.

I did print directions before we left. But, I did not examine them in detail. Mapquest couldn't find the exact location, but I figure that once we got close enough we'd figure it out. Also, I forgot which were the directions to the ceremony site and which were to the reception site. 

We ended up touring country lanes in Ontario. We drove past the Tim Horton farm. The weather was lovely and the scenery with peaceful, while the climate in the car was growing a little stuffy and stressful. 

So, I prayed a simple prayer asking the Lord to show us where to go and to help us in our sisterly interactions.

Minutes later, on a country road in the middle of nowhere we ran into the bride and groom. The groom was strumming the guitar. They were posing on what usually was a deserted road but on Sunday afternoon was, as a couple out for a stroll in the country described it, more like Piccadilly circus. 

The groom pointed us in the right direction, and fifteen minutes later we arrived at the ceremony site. 

My sisters vowed to print their own set of directions next time we set out on an adventure.


  1. The backdrop for the wedding is absolutely gorgeous! And I can only assume by the bride's attire that the weather was warm and gorgeous as well!

    Amy, I'd be happy to go adventuring with you! I don't mind "lost," especially if I have a latte in hand.:-)

    ~ Betsy

  2. do we get to see more wedding photos....please!

  3. HAHA. love it. love that you girls came--such a sweet gift.