Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mennonite TV

When friends come to tea, we can watch "Mennonite TV" together.

In an attempt to stay warm in a drafty farmhouse with little insulation and a propane furnace, Julie and I purchased a biomass stove. The stove, which can burn corn, sawdust pellets or dried cherry pits, is now the centerpiece of our living room. 

It's our home entertainment system. 


  1. I LOVE your entertainment system! It beats anything on "English" TV today...

    ~ Betsy

  2. looks lovely....very inviting. The floors look great.

    what is the room to the left-still trying to get floor plan in my head. Can't wait to see the Cookie sisters in their Cookie Cottage.

    Where does one find enough cherry pits to make a fire....might be a good idea to plant a couple of cherry trees in the spring.

  3. Oh! That looks so entertaining. I want one. :)

  4. To the left is the hallway to the office/library/study. The door opens to the bathroom. To the right is the kitchen.

    As for cherry pits, you can buy them by the ton. They are a byproduct of Michigan's cherry industry.

  5. I see. Guess I've just never had the need for purchasing a ton of cherry pits. I like the paneling painted to match the other walls... looks nice.