Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh it's beans, beans, beans

I like black beans.

So, Friday night I soaked a few pounds of black beans and I cooked them up Saturday morning. I tried some of the beans on Saturday and then ate a plateful Sunday afternoon. 

On Monday I ate black beans and rice for lunch. For lunch on Tuesday I scooped up black beans with tortilla chips. Julie made tortillas for dinner on Tuesday night, which we served with chicken, black beans, fresh salsa, lettuce and cheese. For lunch today I packed leftover tortillas and beans with all the fixings.

I still have half a pan of black beans in the refrigerator. 


  1. I'll take a plate full! It seems I have a consistent craving for beans and rice. If there's homemade tortillas that's even better.

  2. I have to laugh that even though your household size has shrunk to two, you are soaking several pounds of beans at one time!-)

    So...Judith has a consistent craving, eh? Veeery interesting...:-)

    ~ Betsy