Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For free

I got a table and chair for free last week. It cost me half my cookie jar of sugar cookies.

We have two types of people in our family--those who discover treasures in other people's trash and those who duck low in their car seats lest someone glances out a neighborhood window and associates them with their recently disowned relatives who are scouring through someone else's rejected junk. 

I identify with the former group. So  on our drive home on Sunday when I sighted a chair sandwiched between trashbags at the end of the road, I wanted to stop to check it out. Dad graciously turned the van around. I discovered a sturdy, drop-leaf table with an extra leaf in the reject pile, and immediately claimed it along with the chair. Some of my siblings didn't not support my decision. But we managed to cram it into the van and then dropped it off at the Cookie house on our way to Sunday dinner at the homestead. 

Our brief stop at the Cookie house cost me a batch of sugar cookies. Even so, the cookies weren't big enough to keep my siblings from making jokes and remarks at the expense of my freebees. 


  1. Ah, let them laugh and duck was a beautiful find and well worth the price of cookies!

    ~ Betsy

  2. as they say in baseball....good eye! good eye!

  3. That looks like the table we had. But it is on our deck now. Great find! Let those siblings mumble you got a good deal. :)

  4. Amy didn't mention the fact that the table and chair stank so bad like a old persons house that they had to be moved out of the Cookie house.
    N Cook

  5. Nice! I wish I could scavenge for "junk" like that here.