Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple harvest

One apple may not seem much. But, compared with zero apples, one apple is more than 100% increase.

I was ecstatic when I looked out the window the other morning and saw one lone apple shimmering with dew drops in the morning light.

After the frost this spring that destroyed most of Michigan's fruit crop, I thought the entire crop was ruined.

But, we harvested one apple.

Julie and I sliced that apple and ate half of it for dessert one day this week. We split the other half and took the slices in our lunches the next day.

The apple with perfect. It didn't have worms or bugs or scabs. The skin was a blend of red and yellow blush, which reflected the light after I rubbed the apple against my shirt. Inside the flesh was white and crisp. Even after sitting in my lunch cooler overnight it wasn't discolored by the air. The taste was just as pleasing as the appearance of the apple. It was crisp and juicy with the right blend of sweetness and tartness.

It was one perfect apple. We may not have harvested bushels of apples from our tree, but even though we only picked one apple, the crop was hardly a failure. 


  1. Yummm...good thing the big hungry bear didn't find it first!

  2. Love your perspective!
    (Our tree--which rendered loads of wormy apples for Finn to chase last year--produced only one this year, too!)