Monday, April 15, 2013

Passport to the world

School kids waiting to have their passport photo taken
Last Thursday, area school kids went on a field trip that took them around the globe. Around three hundred elementary students spent the day at SVSU where college students had prepared displays from countries ranging from Venezuela and Brazil to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for the annual Passport to the World event. After having passport pictures taken, the elemtary students visited each country table where they had their passport stamped. Along the way, they took time to listen to a story, learn how to write their name in another language, try to fold origami, listen to music from other countries, and watch a fashion show of international clothing.   

I spent most of my time in the passport photo booth, troubleshooting technical difficulties. Even though we didn't get all of our photos printed before the school children left, I still considered it a success because my students were working together to solve the problem. Besides, what's more internationally authentic than a passport photo booth that is closed?

One of my photographers who worked all day shooting and printing pictures

Photographer's assistants working on printing passport photos

Jose tells a student about Venezuela

Isabella answers questions about her home country of Brazil

Yingwen models a dress from China during the fashion show

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful field trip! Truly educational.

    ~ Betsy