Friday, December 6, 2013


I dislike most shopping.
I even hate some types of shopping.
Usually I can think of excuses to postpone shopping trips.

So, I was in dire psychological state last Saturday when I thought I would have to go to the mall. 

As part of my job of Student Support Service Coordinator, I organized a contest to see which student would log the most hours in our language lab. If you have a contest, you need prizes, which means someone has to go shopping.

I was planning to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales, but then our end-of-the-semester party was moved up a week. There wouldn't be time to ship the prizes. So, I realized I would have to shop in an actual store on Monday. But, then on Saturday, my tutoring schedule changed and Monday was too full to go shopping. I needed to purchase the prizes on Saturday. So, I sat in my parents' living room and tried to psyche myself into going shopping at the mall.

It didn't work. 

But, praise the Lord, I found an alternative plan.

The internet is wonderful. So is my aunt.

I went to the online store. I selected the merchandise and paid for it while sitting on my parents' couch. Then my aunt, who loves shopping and was already at the mall, simply picked up the purchases.

My thanks overflowed.

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  1. Always good to keep a shopping-loving aunt around for emergencies.