Saturday, January 25, 2014

A new semester

Winter semester is underway. Here's an overview of the last couple of weeks.

  • Monday: new student orientation; SVSU closed due to weather; orientation postponed
  • Tuesday: SVSU closed due to weather; orientation postponed
  • Thursday: new student orientation
  • Friday: teacher orientation; received class schedule and books

  • Monday: Begin teaching class
  • Tuesday: Classroom moved
  • Wednesday: schedule tutors; begin collecting workshop proposals
  • Thursday: receive another class to begin teaching on Tuesday
  • Friday: redo tutor schedule; add first class to e-learning site
  • Saturday: meet with another teacher about new class

  • Monday: MLK day, no class
  • Tuesday: receive books for new class; begin teaching; meet with tutors
  • Wednesday: schedule workshops; begin tutoring; meet with tutors who couldn't make the meeting
  • Thursday: design workshop flier
  • Friday: add second class to e-learning site

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