Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hectic week

That relaxing afternoon walking along the shores of Lake Huron seems like more than a week away. The first week in an ESL semester is usually hectic and this week has been no exception. For example,
  • I got my class schedule on Friday; and my books, classroom assignment, and roster on Monday when I started teaching
  • One of my classes has five more students enrolled than the maximum number
  • The other class only had three students on the first day (thankfully more showed up because otherwise I could have faced a pay cut)
  • Eight of my students feel that they've been placed in the wrong level and want to move up
  • My vehicle died Tuesday, and I've borrowed three different vehicles since then
  • Two of my colleagues found other full time jobs and quit within days (hours) of the first day of class, leaving our department scrambling
  • Since blueberry farm workers are in short demand, since half of our crew started back to school this week, I worked there two mornings before heading to the university
  • The tutoring and lab schedules that I labored over will now need to be revised due to changes in the schedule
  • I almost got a migraine headache on Wednesday

 So, I pause for a moment to look at pictures of the lake and remind myself that order will soon be restored. 


  1. Yikes...big deep breaths...take 5 minute stretch breaks....and just keep swimming. You made it to the first Friday already!

  2. Wow, that's a lot on your plate! Prayers for a calm and restful weekend.