Friday, November 7, 2014


Recently I resolved to wash my dishes every day. I usually don't accumulate that many dirty dishes in a day, so it seemed a waste to wash a couple of spoons, a cup and a couple of lunch containers. But, I've discovered that a sink full of dirty dishes disturb my sense of well-being. I've also discovered that washing the dishes is a good excuse to take a break from studying for my master's classes. So, at least once a day I make sure I have a clean kitchen. 

Go ahead and call me crazy. I have a working dishwasher that I use for a drying rack.


  1. I agree...a clean sink is a mental balancer!:-) Another idea is to quickly rinse the dishes and stick them in your dishwasher. Then when you've accumulated a nice load, run the dishwasher.

    ~ Betsy

  2. I understand the unrest that dirty dishes creates. I feel much more peaceful when my counter/sink is clear.