Thursday, March 19, 2015


We threw Betsy a color-filled party last Saturday.  

Want to test your Betsy knowledge?

1. Where  did Betsy and Josh meet?

a.     At a Bible study
b.     On an online dating website
c.      At a bar
d.     At a funeral home

2. What is Betsy’s job?

a.     Accountant
b.     Teacher
c.      Nurse
d.     Engineer

3. When she was about ten, which activity did Betsy like to do after church?

a.     Sail paper boats in the baptismal.
b.     Listen to Adventures in Odyssey with her friend Lisa.
c.      Eat peppermints in the foyer.
d.     Rollerblade in the parking lot.

4. Which food does Betsy hate touching?

a.     Ground beef
b.     Bologna
c.      Chicken gizzard
d.     Raw bacon

Our menu included some of Betsy's favorite foods, like macaroni and cheese, finger gelatin, fish crackers, and gummy bears.  

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