Saturday, May 2, 2015


Wrapping paper can transform copy boxes into fun storage boxes.
Once again, I packed the items from my desk at work into two boxes and hauled them home. This move was less traumatic than last year's job insecurity, though.

The offices and classrooms in our hall are being renovated over the summer, and so everyone who works on the second or third floor (including the president of the university) is being temporarily moved to the dorms. 

It seemed easier to take my boxes home for the summer than to pack them up and have a moving company move them across campus to the dorms and then back to our office in the fall. However, I did my share of packing and sorting as I helped to prepare the items in the tutoring room for the move. We had to decide which material to discard, which to move to the dorms, which to put into storage, and which to move to our temporary home in the library. 

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