Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Man vs. nature

My garden is a story of the age-old struggle of man against nature.
Take for example my pepper plants. Granted, the little plants that I started from seed didn't have much of a chance when I transplanted them outside. But, just to be sure, the rabbits polished them off. 

So, I stopped at a greenhouse and picked out a pack of four thriving plants (25% off sale), which I tenderly set in my garden. Three of the four plants were later destroyed by a skunk rooting for a nightly meal of grubs. 

I have one pepper plant.

There's also the saga of my tomato plants. I got a little carried away when I started the seeds indoors--I ended up with around ninety, small, tomato plants. I planted a few, saved a few extras and gave two flats to my parents. It's a good thing I saved extras. 

To summarize the past two weeks: I planted; rabbits ate; I replanted, sprayed with rabbit repellent and erected cages; skunk rooted; I replanted; Charlie tangled his line in two tomato cages; I sighed and replanted. 

I have five remaining tomato plants on my front porch, just in case. 

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