Thursday, September 8, 2016

A day...

It's the second week of the semester and it's starting to quiet down in our office, though I still have plenty to do. Here are some of the tasks I accomplished yesterday.

  • Met for weekly prayer for our students and the program
  • Checked in with the director and secretary
  • Sat in on goal meetings with two full-time teachers
  • Reserved a classroom for a teacher to use for a tutorial
  • Chatted with our newest full-time teacher
  • Talked with a teacher about students who were dropped for non-payment and students who wanted to grieve their class placement
  • Admired Brian's diploma, when he stopped by after picking it up from the Registrar's office
  • Wrote two (of four) role-play scenarios for the full-time staff retreat on Friday
  • Printed fliers for a photo contest
  • Dropped in the tutoring room to make sure everything was ready for the first day of tutoring and open lab; reminded the tutors to put the sign in the hallway outside the lab
  • Checked with the secretary on the status of a student who still needed to be registered for classes
  • Wrote an email to teachers regarding a student who moved levels
  • Visited five classrooms to tell students about free tutoring and an upcoming photo contest
  • Checked on a student who a teacher reported as not attending class; tracked down the reason why he didn't appear on the placement testing roster
  • Met Betsy for lunch and went on a bike ride in the sweltering heat
  • Sent an email to my "International Friends and Family" student
  • Tasked tutors with checking the bookshelf in the tutoring room to make sure it contained the current textbooks
  • Sent emails to students after they failed to show up for a tutorial
  • Advised our secretary about how to proceed with invitations for a banquet for matriculating students
  • Checked on the cost of transportation to Seattle in March
  • Wrote a sticky note reminding myself to return a library book tomorrow
  • Talked on the phone with the teacher whose students failed to show up for a tutorial; set an appointment to meet with them the next day
  • Wrote a note reminding myself to contact the coordinator of the TESOL certificate program to finalize classroom placements for practicum students
  • Organized my piles of papers and sticky notes to work on the next day


  1. That makes me tired just reading it!!

  2. I believe you have 36 hours in your day!

  3. wonder your dishes didn't get done. You are doing a great job and obviously need a raise! I want to know more about this trip to Seattle.