Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Canning tomatoes

I canned tomatoes last week.

On Saturday, I picked the tomatoes (from Lauren Mae's garden) and washed them.

On Monday, I sliced them and ground them (at my mom's house since my blender had a mishap with a spoon a few months ago).

On Tuesday, I ladled the tomato sauce into jars and canned it.

On Wednesday, I reprocessed the jar that didn't seal.

On Thursday, I removed the rings.

On Friday, I and washed the outside of the jars.

On Saturday, I took the jars down to the basement and arranged them on shelves. 


  1. I should learn to spread out my work like this. I might accomplish more.:-)


  2. This post makes me think of the children's book, Cookies Week. AKA Amy's Week.