Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something borrowed,

something green.

Two weeks ago we worded a cover letter, last week we scowered the mall for blazers. Julie had two interviews earlier this week for accounting positions with different companies in our town.

Thus, she had to have interview clothes. After unsuccessfully trying on enough blazers to warrant a sundae at the food court, we headed to the Salvation Army as our last resort. We left with a black blazer with green pinstripes and a black skirt for ten dollars. Julie had a green shell in her closet. In her consultation earlier in the week, Aunt Carolyn told Julie she wasn't allowed to wear green to the interview. But Aunt Carolyn is in Arizona, and the rest of her shopping-weary companions conceded that the outfit would work.

After the blazer, skirt and shell came the shoes. Julie is a casual person. Brown and comfortable describe her choice of shoes. I offered her the use of my black pumps, which she immediately deemed too "Minnie Mouse-ish." Mom produced a pair of shiny black shoes with little bows to no avail.

The lady Julie babysits for came to the rescue and loaned Julie her collection of black pumps. After declaring one too dressy and one too high, Julie settled on a suitable pair and spent Saturday afternoon practicing her high-heel saunter.

On Sunday afternoon Julie realized her purse wouldn't match her shoes. This time our friend Elizabeth came to the rescue. On the way home from church Sunday evening we stopped by her house and Elizabeth ran out with a cute, black handbag.

On Monday afternoon, after purchasing a professional black resume folder, Julie layered her black blazer with green pinstripes over her green shell, and added her black skirt and Elizabeth's cute purse that matched the black pumps. Then, borrowed heels clicking against the floor, she was off for her first interview.


  1. ya know it's near the end of the shopping trip when the photographer has to hold her head up :)

    Had you had the second-hand shopping opportunities there are in a larger city I'm sure Julie could have found the outfit minus the green but alas...Midland has a stunted shopping venue. Glad you were able to pull it all together in time :)

  2. Where's a picture of the final result? (and not in black n' white!) : )

  3. Judith I love that comment
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one that likes to see in modern colors