Monday, November 2, 2009


Judith and Kaelyn playing before lunch.

Friday afternoon Aaron, Betsy, Brian and I made the long and tortuous journey from the middle of Michigan to central Pennsylvania. My siblings signed up to attend the Charity Youth Bible School in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and they grudgingly allowed me to hitch a ride to Joel and Judith's (I have a reputation for going crazy after a couple of hours in the car).

This is the fourth year that some of my siblings have attended the weeklong Bible school that attracts hundreds of young people from across the country. It's an intense time filled with large group activites such as attending sermons and practicing with the choir, along with smaller group activities such as meeting with prayer groups and spending time with their host family.

By coming out a couple of days early my siblings had a little time to spend with family, including Aunt Carolyn who is visiting from Arizona, before Bible School officially began.

Aunt Carolyn and Kaelyn pose beside the orange wall in Judith's kitchen.

Judith combing Kaelyn's hair while Kaelyn brushes her gums (Kaelyn doesn't have any teeth to brush yet).

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  1. What a sweet little girl! I'm glad you were able to visit and see her!