Friday, April 23, 2010

Farm truck

Aaron and Brian attended an auction while I was in Pennsylvania. At just the right time their hands went up, and Brian drove home a white Ford f550 Diesel Power Stroke automatic box truck with a 7.3 liter diesel engine. Once the truck warmed up, it refused to go faster than twenty-five miles per hour. For the time, it is limited to our farm lane, but Brian has bigger plans for it.


  1. Did they tell you about when they tried to show it to me and I was confused? I thought they were talkng about a pick-up truck. Then they asked me what I thought the problem was.

  2. I hope they didn't have too far to drive, to get it home, at only 25 mph!

  3. That boy done his grandpa proud! Love the shot.

  4. I tagged you Amy!!
    Go here:

    Looking forward to you doing it!

  5. Brian could always use it as a donut delivery truck...that's what I thought it was when I went by.

  6. Nice TRUCK!
    Uncle Keith
    ps Nice shot also Amy:)