Monday, April 12, 2010


I was concerned about Betsy. I was afraid that she would do too much while I was in Pennsylvania.

Betsy was concerned about me. She was afraid that I would do too much while I was in Pennsylvania.

Before I left we set up iChat on our MacBooks so that we could check on each other. We connect our laptops to the internet and then Betsy and Julie sing along while Kaelyn and I do the hokey pokey. They tell me about their day. They show Kaelyn a baby goat and kittens and Kaelyn and I show them baby Janessa. Kaelyn waves to Grandma. Then she says, "Come," beckoning to all her aunts and uncles.

I ask Betsy how she is feeling and she shows me her new ice pack. And she tells me what she thinks I should and shouldn't do, and I do the same for her.


  1. Ah, modern technology! I don't even know what you're talking about! But it sure sounds fun and your family at home is enjoying your time with Kaelyn too!

  2. How fun :)
    We have not set up ichat yet, but maybe we will soon. I have a friend out in China and they have ichat and we thought it would be fun to talk with them over it :)

  3. oh my....the wonders of technology....good you are able to check up on your patients. has Kaelyn stopped using the "come come" phrase for "pick me up"? It was so cute. I use it sometimes with Lily.

  4. oh, i came on here thinking you had a link to a video of Janessa.
    I saw it in my dashboard. . .maybe you are going to post it latter?

  5. That's so cool! Great idea Amy!
    Josie Norris

  6. I don't think Kaelyn uses "Come, come" like she did in November.