Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After squeezing glue on her paper Abigail sprinkles it with glitter.

I taught preschool Tuesday morning. My cousin Carmen's three daughters stayed with us while Jimmy and Carmen attended Brethren in Christ pastor orientation. Thus on Tuesday morning, armed with glue and glitter, I attempted to contain a three-year-old while the older children concentrated on textbooks.

Glitter is entertaining and the five-year-old abandoned her workbook to join us. We succeeded in covering the table with glitter before we left the glue to dry and moved to the kitchen. There we constructed lunch, which consisted of pizza and pizza cookie. 

I found my helpers cutting boards and table knives and they diligently minced olives while I diced onions and peppers and measured ingredients for pizza dough. About half of the black olives disappeared in the process. The girls rolled their own mini-pizzas and smeared them with sauce. While the pizzas baked we mixed peanut butter cookie dough and spread it on a pizza pan. The girls topped the pizza cookie with marshmallows and chocolate chips and I limited their consumption to one marshmallow and three chocolate chips each. 

Lunch was delicious. The girls ate their own mini pizzas and sampled the pizza cookie. Then it was time for naps, especially for the preschool teacher. 

Bekah minced the green olives while Abigail minced (and ate) the black olives.
Our pizza cookie, made of peanutubtter, sugar, egg and baking soda and adorned with marshmallows, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Abigail eating a piece of pepperoni from her pizza.

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  1. This sounds like a delightful time! You are an excellent preschool teacher!

    ~ Betsy O.