Monday, October 4, 2010

Railroad museum

Over a hundred engines, cars and cabooses tell the story of Pennsylvania's rail history at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, in Strasburg. 

Despite flooding that closed several roads, we managed to wind our way through Lancaster County Friday to the museum. 

Along with the restored engines and cars that line the inside of a huge building, old rusting equipment, and even an authentic turntable, are displayed in the yard outside. The museum houses enough railroad artifacts to keep a train enthusiast enthralled for hours. 

One section of the museum is dedicated to young enthusiasts. Beyond the station waiting room, with the DVD on Pennsylvania railroad history, is a room where children can look at train picture books, design Lego engines, and even deliver raw materials using a toy train set. On the opposite side of the building, a train simulator allows visitors to control the train's speed while guiding it to the station (all the while blowing the whistle at crossings). 

Whether young or old, enthusiast or novice, the museum provides visitors the opportunity to travel through Pennsylvania's railroad history, and leave the museum with a personal reminder of the power of transportation--sore feet.

Logan, using a toy engine to transport carloads of goods.

Janessa playing with toys while the aunts, uncles and grandparents wandered among restored train cars. Later Judith took the little girls home for naps.


  1. That sounds like a fun thing to go and see!

  2. love the wheel angle....also interesting pattern break in the stand by the train line up with Joel standing away from the train....I'm gonna remember that one. Looks like Uncle Loggie is doing his job well :) The third photo looks a lot like Carl Wilmsen's basement.

  3. that family shot looks a little heavy on the boy side, I'm not used to seeing that guy to girl ratio

  4. I was shocked by your picture of a young man sitting on the train tracks! Who is that guy?
    Get that young man off the train tracks before he gets hit by a train!!! Maybe his shoe lace is caught in the tracks. Anybody got a knife? Where is that Besty girl and her knife when you need one?

    Uncle Keith