Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting ready

Clouds of hairspray hung in the air of the ladies' restroom of the Fraser Road Church of God early Saturday afternoon. I followed Lauren and her bridesmaids as they styled their hair, adjusted their dresses and prepared for the ceremony in the late afternoon.

Lauren's maid of honor, Anna, fastens the buttons on the back of Lauren's gown. Lauren's mom patiently sewed rows of tiny buttons on the front, back and sleeves of Lauren's gown. The dress was patterned after the wedding gown worn by Lauren's Grandma Gladys. 

Lauren's mom helps Lauren step into her sandals while Lauren holds up the layers of her dress and slip. 

Lauren shares a moment with her mom, Jan Spiker, before the ceremony. 

After dressing and styling their hair, the bridesmaids pose with the bride (left to right: Libby Cook, Julie Cook, Anna Flentje, Lauren Mae Spiker [soon to be Cook], Faith Roy, Naomi Cook, Betsy Cook)

Wendy Cook, mother of the groom, adjusts Lauren's veil. 

Lauren and I pose together. I witnessed the events of the day through the viewfinder of my camera. 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful wedding! I was worried that you wouldn't post anymore wedding pictures!
    - Nawal

  2. It looks like a very beautiful wedding. I'm very happy for my friend, Aaron. I would love to meet his bride. You took very good pictures.