Sunday, December 12, 2010


Photo credit: Harold Klassen
Our church caroled this weekend. Friday evening we sang Christmas songs on the steps of the Dow house as part of the Dow Gardens Christmas Walk. Then on Saturday we packed fruit baskets,  which we delivered to neighbors as we caroled. 

(A friend took this photo, so I'm a part of the group too. Can you find me?)


  1. Would you be the one dressed in pink/red on the row closest to the camera?

  2. What are you doing in the back row with all the men?

  3. 3rd from the right, in a white coat?

  4. Good guesses. Libby is in the front row wearing the maroon jacket; Julie is third from the right in the first row wearing a light green jacket. I am in the back row, second from left, wearing the black and white hat. I am standing with the guys because I sneaked in after taking a couple of pictures.