Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Frizz

Kendra opening and admiring gifts.
We held a Ms. Frizzle themed party for Kendra Thursday evening. Kendra's family planned the event as a graduation/moving away/housewarming party. Kendra graduates from Saginaw Valley State University this December with a degree in Secondary Education, Chemistry and Biology. At the beginning of the new year, she plans to move to Pennsylvania where she accepted a job teaching science at a small Christian school. 

Since Kendra loves science and shoes, we themed the party after Ms. Frizzle, the eccentrically-dressed science teacher whose school bus magically transports students on field trips through the solar system or the human body. Ms. Frizzle's outfits--her dress, shoes and earrings--change to reflect her environment. On one page of the book she may be wearing a dress covered with red blood cells, while on the next page her dress is covered with thermometers.

The main decorations at Kendra's party were Ms. Frizzle inspired shoes. One shoe featured a bolt of lightning, an umbrella and raindrops. Another showed a bumblebee amidst bright flowers. Chemical equations and notations were scrawled across one shoe, while a forth shoe simply bore the outline of a foot with sparkly, red toenails. My favorite was the pair of frog shoes. A green, plastic frog rested on the right shoe of a pair of red pumps. "Ranidae," the frog family, was spelled with alphabet beads across the top of the left shoe.

The shoes were meant for decorations, but Kendra liked them so much she tried them on and declared that, in true Ms. Frizzle style, she will wear them when she teaches. 


  1. Oh, wow...I am blown away by the creativity among you and your friends! With those kinds of genes, Kendra will make an inspiring teacher! I almost envy her students.:-)

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. and another Ms Frizzle was launched out on classrooms of unsuspecting students...
    Go get um Kendra!

  3. YAY KENDRA!! I keep laughing at her expression in the first picture! lol
    Wish we could have been there, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Ms. Frizzle was the perfect theme.