Saturday, February 26, 2011

Plant census

Upstairs bathroom
In one of my favorite children's books, The Plant Sitter by Gene Zion, Tommy's life becomes overrun with plants when he agrees to care for neighbors' plants while they are on vacation. Were I to accept responsibility for all the plants in our house, I might have nightmares with Tommy. 

Parents' room
I took a census of our houseplants yesterday. Here are the results:

B-L-N's room
  • Kitchen, 0
  • Dining room, 4
  • Living room, 3
  • Schoolroom, 18
  • Downstairs bathroom, 3
  • Laundry room, 2
  • Hallway, 0
  • Brian and Logan's room, 3 
  • Amy and Julie's room, 5
  • Betsy, Libby and Naomi's room, 3
  • Parents' room, 4
  • Upstairs bathroom, 3




  1. Wow Amy! If I were to take over watering the plants at your house, there would be many people angry at me because I would forget to water some of those 48 plants! Or I wouldn't see the little "Do Not Water" sign and go ahead and water the plant!


  2. I love plants. Thanks for sharing these pictures with me, such a nice variety. I don't have as many as I used to because we don't have room for them in this house. The colorful world map I see in one picture looks like mine! I have it hanging in my reading room!

  3. The Plant Sitter sounds like a fun book. I think I'll have to go find it at the library!

  4. My inventory is much quicker....

    *kitchen windowsill, 2

  5. It's good to know that you all can breathe very well while in the schoolroom!:-) No excuses about feeling drowsy due to lack of oxygen in there...

    ~ Betsy