Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sudanese cuisine

Finger food Friday night was more exotic than sloppy joes and potato chips. Our meal, at least the recipes, originated in Africa.

One of Amanda's friends spent Friday preparing dishes and sharing about Sudanese culture. The guys gathered around the dining room table to sample salad (yogurt with shredded cucumber and carrots), the staple bean dish (pronounced fool), lentils, and soup (poured over torn-up bread). The ladies' group was a bit more authentic, since we gathered around a tray set on a stool. But no matter which group, the rule of etiquette was simple--don't use your left hand to tear off a piece of bread and dip it in the common dishes.

In Sudan, the men are always served first and the women and children wait to eat until the men have had enough. Though the ladies were in another room, we received the impression that the menfolk would have preferred sloppy joes for dinner. That was in our favor, because even with adolescent boys there were still plenty of lentils for the ladies after the men were served. 


  1. This looks SO GOOD! Especially in view of my most recent McShock post.:-)

    ~ Betsy

  2. Saturday we had an Egyptian breakfast at my dad's friend's house we had fool, scrambled eggs with corn beef (yummy), Egyptian-style falafel (veggie burger)(yummy),and of course some not-so-authentic french fries for my brother.

  3. Nawal--I think my brother would have liked to eat french fries too.

  4. I really enjoyed that. I know I'm a bit odd, but supper was so much more intimate - literally and socially I thought. And new foods to try? Hurray :)

  5. hye. i have a question to ask u about sudanese food. do you know anything about or ever heard about 'dhabb' it is one of the exotic food. can u share me some info about it and where can i get that food. u can email it to me norshahira.syas@yahoo.com. looking forward to hear from you soon. thank you :)

  6. hye. i have a question to ask you about sudanese dish. do u ever know or heard about an exotic food that they call it 'dhabb' ? if you have any info about this do let me know and if you could help me with other info about sudan rare place, food and etc please let me known because my production will cover some documentation story at sudan. looking forward to hear from u soon, thank you, love from Malaysia.

    1. Hi Shahira,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry I don't know of a source for Sudanese food.