Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Brian is in the process of weaning his kids by separating them from their mothers. The kids are not shy about expressing their opinion of the situation. One of the kids, Miranda, has perfected a particularly grating wail. 

P.S. Uncle Keith, that's lamentations, not lambentations. These are goats after all. 


  1. They've sure grown since I saw them! But the poor babies! Do they have to stop nursing cold turkey?

  2. Brian separates them during the day and puts them with their mamas at night.

  3. Poor babies....they look so cute in the pic but I trust from what you've written that the sound cute-ness factor doesn't match the photo.

  4. Heh, that's pretty punny... They do look deceptively cute for the amount of noise they're making

  5. Wow Amy,
    Beautiful picture... the contrast of the deep green grass and the pure white of the goats is neat. I also like how they are all looking at you as if they are posing. Now if you could just get everyone in your family portraits to pay attention to the camera like that!!!

    Uncle Keith

    ps I enjoyed the lambentations joke!!! Good one! I knew you were just kidding around.

    I saw a saying on a a shirt on a five year old kid at the waterpark today. It said, "PARENTS FOR SALE... BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE" ... Does that translate well into the Korean culture or does it lose it's fizzle?

  6. I'm not sure how well the joke would translate. I think they have "buy one, get one free," but I don't know if the idea would be considered funny. I might try it, though.