Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Betsy and Logan completed fourth generation renovations on our produce wagon. 

The wagon was originally a manure spreader. Years ago, when Aaron’s set of wheels was a bicycle, he resurrected the piece from where it sat, sinking a little more each year, under an old apple tree near the woods. He removed the manure spreading machinery and added floorboards, sides and a tongue fashioned from a tree trunk. He painted it yellow and red and draped a blue tarp across the top, turning it into a cross between a Little House on the Prairie buckboard and a circus wagon.

Brian was the next one to wield a saw and hammer. Joel and Betsy helped to install rough-cut oak planks for the bed. Then we pulled the wagon out to the road and used it to display sweet corn in the summer and pumpkins in the fall.

For months, Betsy and Logan have been planning the fourth generation of the manure-spreader-turned-produce-wagon. Betsy scouted the neighborhood for lumber from old barns. They drew up plans and constructed the new barn-on-wheels design. They applied coats barn-red paint with accenting white for trim. When the paint was dry, they pulled the contraption out to the road, ready for business.


  1. I love the barn-on-wheels motif! Great job, Betsy and Logan!

    ~ Betsy

  2. Very creative! Typical of the Cook family! I think business will be booming. If only we lived closer...

  3. Wow....that turned out so cute. What an eye catcher. Good job Betsy and Logan!

  4. So glad to see it finished. It was an amazing project. Good job Logan and Betsy!

  5. Besty and Logan,
    I'm impressed, but I'm sorry to imform you that your 4G is already obsolete. Steve Jobs from Apple saw your design and is currently doing a campaign blitz for a 5G produce wagon that is supposed to be twice as fast going down the driveway as your 4G version. Something about rocket boosters and turbo drives and excess memory capacity.
    Uncle Keith