Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belt drama

We keep a selection of belts at the blueberry farm for customers to borrow. Customers loop the bucket handle through the belt and fasten the belt buckle. The belt holds the bucket, and customers can use both hands to pick berries.

Choosing a belt can be a bit of comedy or tragedy.

Though I may offer a customer the loan of a belt, I try never to make suggestions regarding size (except for children). Invariably, customers pick belts too small for their waists. Then they giggle with embarrassment, and search for a longer belt.

It’s comical to watch a particularly rotund person attempt to wear a child’s size belt. Amusing as it is, I never smile, at least on the outside.

The drama tends more toward tragedy when a wife sends her husband to the barn to grab a belt for her. The doomed man stares at the belts. “Is it better to guess too big or too small?” he wonders.

Manning the blueberry farm in the afternoon can be boring. But, the area near the belt display is sometimes a stage for entertaining dramas.  

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  1. Too funny! You are to be commended for your sober-faced self control.:-)

    ~ Betsy