Thursday, July 12, 2012


Amanda and I witnessed the biggest display of fireworks in Michigan's history on Saturday night with 50,000 fireworks in 50 minutes. Along with the usual Independence Day celebration, Bay City, Michigan was marking its 50th year of fireworks. Veteran's Park, along the Saginaw River, swarmed with people. Carnival rides and booths added lights, sound and smells to the hubbub of thousands of people. Venders with glow sticks hawked their wares along streets, dodging campers and parked cars. 

The firework display was incredible. A local radio station broadcast music that corresponded with the explosives from the bridge. Thousands people watched from the lawn, and boats. My favorite was the beginning section with red, white and blue fireworks synchronized to the National Anthem. 

The firework display was incredible, but the drive was just as memorable. Too memorable actually. It took us two hours to drive five blocks and it was two in the morning before my head reached my pillow. In the early morning hours, it didn't seem like it was worth it to see the fireworks. But, by the next morning (when Amanda and I discussed caffeine fixes before Sunday school) the memory of the bumper-to-bumper traffic was dimming, leaving the memory of the spectacular fireworks. 


  1. Oh, wow! Judging from your photos, it was definitely worth it! And just and Amanda witnessed the making of history!

    ~ Betsy

  2. Wow....sounds like fun....Maybe next time park farther could have walked those five blocks (or more) faster and been less tired-just a thought.

    1. Yeah. We would have done that except that we went with a group of students from SVSU so someone else was driving.

  3. We Americans sure do celebrate in style! Sounds like the fireworks were spectacular! The last time I saw fireworks was at a Guy Fawkes party last November. The fireworks were great, but they were less than 10 minutes long. An English friend who was with us said they are usually only about 5 minutes long in the UK!Tho