Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I had the back-to-school jitters yesterday.

That's ridiculous since there was hardly any "back" in my schedule. I never really left. I finished teaching the spring/summer semester two weeks ago, and then spent two days on campus last week for student orientation and an ELP kick-off meeting.

I think the butterflies in my stomach may have been the result of other people heading back to school. With backpacks sales, caramel apple advertisements and the fall smell in the air on cool nights, it really seems like school time. 

On my way to SVSU I dropped Libby off for her first day of college classes. She's the seventh Cook to do the "Delta difference." Later Brian drove over for his classes and they rode home together. 

By the afternoon my jitters had been long forgotten, overwritten by the thought of syllabi, schedules and lesson plans. 

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  1. Happy School Days to All! I can't wait to hear what Libby thinks of college!