Saturday, August 11, 2012


Betsy and I have been dreaming of navigating Michigan's waterways.

For the last two summers, we've tubed down the river. But tubing is a slow way to travel and limited to warm weather. We thought about canoes, but they're too heavy for us to handle. So, we settled on kayaks light enough for us to load on the Beachy Buggy.

Betsy worked at the nursing home on July4th and set aside the holiday-pay toward purchasing two kayaks. 

We were two happy campers when we launched the kayaks for the first time last week. Since then we've been itching for the end of blueberry season when we have time to splash our way down the river. 


  1. Looks like alot of fun! So smart to set aside that pay differential, Betsy! These will bring you hours of relaxing enjoyment. I'd love to learn :)

  2. Kool Kayaks....what a fun way to enjoy the water!

  3. We took Jim's kayak out onto Tahquamenon river. Wow have we got a story for you. :)