Thursday, October 11, 2012


Another reason to be thankful for cell phones--the camera.
We have a complicated carpool schedule this semester. We switch vehicles, passengers and destinations throughout the week.

Here's a sample:

Tuesday morning I picked up Amanda Byler at her house and we drove to SVSU together (Amanda is overseeing nursing students in a simulated lab. Yes, her arm is in a sling. She just had surgery on her shoulder). 

A little later in the morning Brian and Libby met up with Caleb Byler and they rode together to Delta.

Then, in the early afternoon, after I finished teaching and office hours, I drove to Delta and picked up Libby. 

That evening after their classes finished, Brian and Caleb drove from Delta to SVSU to pick up Amanda and they all returned home.

Yesterday, the schedule was totally different.

In the morning I picked up Amanda, then I picked up Libby. We dropped Libby off at Delta, then Amanda and I continued to SVSU.

Later, Brian drove to Delta. After Libby finished classes she took Brian's car to drive to her babysitting job.

In the early afternoon, I picked up Amanda and drove to Delta to meet up with Brian. From there we dropped off Amanda, then I dropped off Brian. 

It's a crazy schedule--one which makes me grateful for cell phones. 


  1. Good luck keeping it all straight! I was getting dizzy reading it!

  2. I have a feeling I would forget someone along the way! :-)


  3. wow!....who is the master scheduler?

  4. Amanda! you look so distinguished in your lab-coat and badge. nice floral decor on the sling, too.

    1. Why, thank you! All in a day's work :) And I am grateful for the carpool - every day is different!