Monday, June 3, 2013

Beyond Measure

Our friends the Costons have operated the Beyond Measure Bulk Foods store from the front room of their home for the past couple of years. Though I've tasted their products and sent orders with my Mom, I'd never visited the store, located north of Midland. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I was able to go myself and I wasn't disappointed. Beyond Measure has all the goodness of a bulk food store, combined with country charm. 


  1. Yes it is! I really like Beyond Measure as well.

  2. Wow--this is beautiful! And so inspiring. What are the foods in the first photo? And do they grow everything they sell?

    ~ Betsy

    1. The first photo is herbs and spices. They don't grow any of them. But they order them in bulk and repackage them.

  3. I place to shop. I was just looking at my vanilla thinking I need to stop by and replenish soon.

  4. This store has so many items I use to bake and cook everyday, and the spices are amazing! It's clear from the time you walk through the door that the Lord's blessing is on this house.