Friday, June 21, 2013

Ice cream

While I was visiting Judith a couple of months ago we mentioned the closed antiques stores that stood on the crossroad half a mile from the Cookie House. We agreed that it should be an ice cream store.

Well, a week ago our wish came true. A young couple bought the old building and has rejuvenated the antiques business with hand-dipped ice cream.

An ice cream store within walking distance--what could be better?


  1. Oh!!!! I can't believe I'm missing this!

    It's definitely a dream come true.

    Of course-- regular visits would unfortunately defeat the purpose of our frequent cycling trips past the corner!

    Will they save me two scoops of mint chocolate chip (or cherry amaretto) for November?!? Actually, just thinking maybe I should have you submit my resume. I love being able to walk to work!

  2. Looks good! We noticed yesterday that JAM is for sale. I think that would be a good ice cream store as well.

  3. Wow....what a wonderful way to start the summer!