Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ice cream

"I like going on outings with you," Kendra said. "This is my second outing and both times we've had ice cream."

Tuesday afternoon we stopped at Zanners Ice Creame Shoppe, thirty-two flavors of Mooney's ice cream, on our way home from Tawas State Park. Grandma taught us that a trip to the beach isn't complete without chocolate ice cream cones. Julie, a firm believer in chocolate ice cream, sighted the cute little ice cream shop in Au Gres.


  1. That sounds like a nice treat! (Mooney Ice Cream is the best!)

  2. Hey, that is from my home town! :) LOVE Zanner's ice cream shoppe. I grew up just 5 miles out is the country from there.

    Dawn Kindy

  3. good eye make your grandma proud!

    cool shot with the reflection Amy...good eye to you too!

  4. Proudly lightly toasted and vitamin D'd without even a blush of pink!! Poor, red, SPF-less sisters... :)

  5. Ashamedly pink and slathered in aloe vera.

    I still think the 85 SPF was excessive.

  6. Biz we love you!

    -Admitedly more pink than necessary