Thursday, June 10, 2010

Amish bonnet

On a shelf above bolts of blue, green and purple, polyester fabric rested three black bonnets. Now there are only two. We brought home one of those Amish bonnet from the quilt/fabric store in Clare.

Amish girls at the farmers' market jokingly refer to their bonnets as "hard hats." My sisters likened the experience of wearing one to placing an ice cream pail on one's head.

While we had a grand time passing the bonnet from one sister to the next and peeking from beneath its black brim, we agreed that none of us look truly Amish despite the clothing. It takes more than a black bonnet to make a person Amish.


  1. I really like the "hardhats" ! :)

  2. The final shot draws in the viewer. Nicely done.'re right: the hat doesn't "fit."

    Still enjoying your shots every day, Amy. Thank you!

  3. I like the coloring on photo number two.

    You may not think they look Amish but I'm guessing your students would be easily fooled :)

  4. Yeah. I was dreaming of the opportunity to wear it to school on hat day.

  5. When my friends and I were younger we dressed up with amish dresses and bonnets. It was so fun! My friends lived in a small amish community and one of the neighbor girls let us borrow her clothes to play with. They said that I looked really amish. I think it looks nice on you all too! Very pretty pictures.

  6. Hell! I live in Michigan, just near Clare, and was wondering if you would forward the address to the fabric shop? It's very hard to find nice fabric for dresses at the big box fabric stores, and I'd love to buy a bonnet as well. My e-mail is Thanks for your time!