Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden planting

My up and down muscles were sore earlier this week.

I helped to plant part of the garden Saturday. We set tomato plants in the field beside the goat barn. First Dad paced the field, stopping at intervals to scoop a shovel full of earth from the ground, turn it and break the clumps of clay. Logan followed with five-gallon buckets of water. He filled each hole with water. Then Libby, Naomi and I reached one hand into the murk while cradling a tiny tomato plant in the other hand. Deep in the ground we set the tomato plants and then pushed the muddy soil around them. After the flats of tomato plants were set, we planted peppers and melons plants.

Then Dad pulled packets of cucumber seeds from the pocket in his shirt. He tapped the edge of the package, depositing pink, treated seeds in Mom, LIbby, Logan and Naomi's waiting hands. Using a hoe, he dug a shallow trench across the garden. His helpers followed, stooping to place seeds in the trench. Then Dad doubled back and used the hoe to cover the seeds with soil.

Dad planned to plant more of the garden on Monday, Memorial Day. But it rained, giving my sore muscles a couple of days to rest.


  1. What are the cucumber seeds treated with?

    Do you all ever mix topsoil or anything else in to enrich the Michigan clay? If not, how does that work out for you as far as garden productivity?

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. hope your up and down muscles are feeling better soon.

  3. I love how your family works together.

  4. I think the seeds are treated so they don't get eaten. I'd have to check with my Dad for the particulars. All I know is that when we were younger we were always reminded to wash our hands after we planted.

    Thanks to the goats, horses, cow and chickens, our soil is enriched with manure.