Monday, June 21, 2010

Going courtin'

Irvin, second from right, at our church's sunrise breakfast

Irvin, a thirty-one-year-old mechanic from Ohio, is quite interested in Julie. Irvin, his three brothers and one sister were raised on a chicken farm in Pennsylvania that has been in his mother's family for generations. For generations, Irvin's family has also been influential in the Old German Baptist Brethren (though often mistaken for Amish, the group embraces some technology and speaks English rather than Pennsylvania Dutch). Recently the group split, and Irvin joined the New Conference. Irvin drinks coffee, drives a Ford Five Hundred without a radio, and is the only person who has ever splashed Julie with water and not received a lecture in return.

Lauren visiting Betsy at home in February

Lauren Mae, a ninteen-year-old college student, was, as Betsy reminds Aaron, Betsy's friend first. Lauren is the first born-again Christian in her family (which consists of her parents and one younger brother) and is growing rapidly in her faith. Lauren fits comfortably in our family and has provided support and stability in the months after the accident (to read about how she cleaned blood out of Aaron's hair, click here). Lauren has a dog named "Cupcake," is learning American Sign Language, and is content to occasionally beat Naomi at a game of Uno.


  1. I wondered when you would post something like this! I love it. :)

  2. I wondered, too:-) So good to see how God continues to orchestrate everything in your lives according to His perfect timing and purpose. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us. I look forward to meeting Lauren and Irvin someday!

    ~ Baetsy O.

  3. Gotta love a girl who names her dog Cupcake (from a girl who once named a cat Peanut Butter- because that was one of her favorite foods :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this Amy :)

    I'm glad you did, because it's going to be a few months before the next H&B Herald! I hope you share more pictures sometime soon :D I enjoyed the ones on Lauren's blog.

    Oh yes, and Lauren I like the name of your dog-- my family and I cannot seem to agree on a name for the new dog we just got on Saturday. Any ideas anyone?!?!

    Love you all!

  5. @ Hannah- Thank you! Her registered name is Kyloe's Cup of Sugar. She is a sweetie alright. As far as dog names go I would have to see the dog and know the breed to pick out a name.