Thursday, July 8, 2010


Aaron and Lauren

Aaron is going crazy. Since he began courting, he walks around the farm talking to himself. So it appears until we notice his earbud blinking and realize he's talking on the cell phone to his girlfriend.

Aaron and Julie are setting records for cell phone usage. They talk for hours to their respective friends. Hours and hours on the phone. Recently I overhead half of a conversation about color coding towels. Another day it was mosquito bites.

That inspired me to compile a list of possible topics to ensure my siblings will have hours of stimulating conversation.

  • preferred toilet paper ply
  • favorite tic tac color
  • inny/outie belly button
  • smell of McDonald's bathroom soap
  • electric verse gas string trimmers
  • how to fold fitted sheets
  • prevention of gingivitis in third world countries
  • versions of the food pyramid
  • the difference between pink and salmon
  • fiber in cereal marketed for children


  1. :-) Good list. Really like the shot. How ever did you get it?

  2. wow...I'm not sure I even have a favorite tic tac color!

  3. The list was hilarious!

  4. Uuhhh...that sounds more like Julie and Irvin...except the fitted sheets.

  5. She got that shot when Aaron and I were walking back to the house after we were taking more pictures.

  6. That picture is the background on my laptop.

  7. Amy, that list made me laugh!

    Oh and the picture is very nice- good choice for your laptop background Lauren :)