Monday, July 12, 2010

Two years

The scene of the accident and the stop sign that Renee Bartlett ran in January. After the sentencing our family stopped at the scene and examined the site. Our new van is parked in the gravel lot where our previous van landed.

Monday, June 28 Renee Bartlett was sentenced to spend two years in prison.

Our family was given the opportunity to attend the sentencing of the woman who caused the accident last January that seriously injured three of my siblings. Several of us drove to the Isabella County Courthouse for the event.

The case was handled by the Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney on behalf of the People of the State of Michigan. Renee Bartlett was convicted, as a habitual offender, of reckless driving, and driving with a suspended, revoked, denied license causing serious injury.

After Renee Bartlett and her attorney spoke, the judge offered our family, as the victims, the opportunity to speak. Dad spoke. He acknowledged that God allows people and events in our lives for His purpose. He added that we hope Renee receives the help that she needs, and that our family has prayed for her and will continue to pray for her.

Then the Prosecuting Attorney shared his thoughts, and the judge pronounced the sentenced. A minimum of two years in prison. With that the woman, who walked (actually limped, because she too was seriously injured) into the courtroom a free woman accompanied by her husband, was escorted from the room by the bailiff as a prisoner.


  1. Oh, Amy, how sad. In a way, it's good to have some sense of closure to this whole event in your lives, and yet it's sad to think how Renee's poor choices in life have brought her so low, and caused so much suffering. Your Dad's words were Christ-like and life-giving...I pray that she will take them to heart and submit her life to the only One who can put it back together.

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. What an experience for your family. All the suffering and pain, and now being in court with her as she was sentenced. I'll join you in prayer for her that God will draw her to Himself. I know there are some ministries in some prisons. I hope this will be one.