Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moving day

Bethany unpacks a box of dishes while my mom and sisters help Carmen organize the kitchen.

One moving truck, two cars, three adults, three children, a cat and a St. Bernard dog journeyed from southern Michigan to our church parsonage on Tuesday. After serving for seven years at Raisin Center Friends Church, my cousin's husband, Jim Lang, agreed to pastor our church. My cousin's three girls were thrilled about the move, though two youngest thought they were moving to our house. Sadly, Twila, the cat failed to share their enthusiasm, and promptly ran away.

After a day of moving, Abigail fell asleep on our livingroom floor.


  1. Hello Amy!
    I love your blog! you do such a good job keeping it up and making it fun to read.

  2. I like the last picture!