Friday, January 7, 2011


It wasn't exactly a roasted suckling pig displayed on a platter for Christmas dinner, though it did involve a pig in the dining room.

Wednesday afternoon Libby lined a card table with newspapers and, with laptop and instructional DVD nearby, proceeded to examine a fetal pig. Our homeschool finally produced a student fascinated with Biology. 

I suffered through a crayfish and frog when I was in school, and was solely interested in the photographic aspect of the lab. Betsy, empowered by her anatomy and physiology classes at college, grabbed a pair of gloves and located the chordae tendineae. 

"Anybody want to see 'heart strings'?" she asked.


  1. Wow...great photo! I love how this little piggy's legs are demurely crossed. We must be modest, even when our innards are exposed!:-)

    ~ Betsy