Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dr. Kaelyn

Kaelyn, adjusting her stethoscope before examining Betsy
My heart is healthy according to Dr. Kaelyn. During our recent visit, Betsy and I witnessed Kaelyn's developing imagination and Betsy was delighted to discover another health care provider in the family.

Often Kaelyn pulls an invisible stethoscope from around her neck and adjusts the ear pieces. Then she holds one end of the stethoscope against her patients' chests and listens for a moment to their hearts. She records the result on a piece of paper.

Both Betsy and I underwent cardiac exams while we were in Pennsylvania. According to our niece, our hearts are doing just fine.


  1. Hurrah!! Excellent and well-done!! Cardiac is fascinating and sometimes good use of the imagination is required ;) You knew I would love this one, didn't you? Put a huge grin on my face!

  2. What a great imagination! (And it's good to know your hearts have been declared healthy. =D)

  3. what a fun pic and story. thanks for sharing